Our PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Below is the PDF of our presentation (which we will present next week). I spent hours putting this together… I hope you like it. Atget Presentation PDF Advertisements

So, how’s your French? :)

This video shows Françoise Reynaud, the curator of Eugène Atget’s exhibition at Musée Carnavalet (that happened earlier this year and I really really wish it was still on when I was in Paris!), talking about the photographer, his style, importance, amongst other things. It’s very interesting and informative. The only problem is it’s in French lol […]

My visit to Rue Mouffetard (yep, that’s right!!)

So in an unexpected turn of events, I found myself in Paris (for a photography workshop with Trey Ratcliff and Miss Aniela, which I was lucky to receive a scholarship for!), and so I decided to try to squeeze in a quick visit to Rue Mouffetard, to see what was there today! The photograph was […]

Initial Research

Below are some of what I found both in The Photo Book by Phaidon and Art Photography Now by Susan Bright. I was very happy to see, of all images, it was the Rue Mouffetard that was featured on the first book 🙂 (Please click on “view on full screen” on the bottom right corner […]


  Hello all, and welcome to our blog! 🙂 We were given the image below as a starting point for our project. It’s called Cabaret Rue Mouffetard (1900), by Eugène Atget. Over the course of the next few weeks we shall include in this blog any research that will help us construct our presentation and […]